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Complete Redesign of our Control Panel

2011-03-15  |  section: Press Reports

Today we released a new version of our Platon Technologies Control Panel, which has undergone a complete redesign.

With the new version we promise more streamlined implementation of certain actions, but also faster development and easier addition of new system modules.

Here are some screenshots to show you look & feel of our new interface. You can also give it a try on setup.platon.sk address.

If you have any comments or questions on this, please share them with us via our Facebook page.

Thank you for your business & support!


Platon Technologies team

0-01-login-en.jpeg 0-04-change-pw-en.jpeg 02-welcome-en.jpeg 03-customer-en.jpeg 05-mail-list-en.jpeg 06-add-mailbox-en.jpeg 07-database-list-en.jpeg 08-database-edit-en.jpeg

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