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Our Domain Name Servers

section: Support

Due to high reliability and availability, Platon Webhosting uses four own independent domain name servers - DNS.

Domain servers are used for translation of domain names to real server IP addresses. For example when you enter www.platon.sk into your web browser, it gets translated to

Our DNS servers are connected through automatic online data replication and DNS record transfer is fast and error-free.

If we are registrar of your domain, or you did register one with us, these domain servers are automatically correctly pre-set. In case you are administrating domain yourself and you host with us, please setup these four domain name servers:

DNS Server IP Address Provider Location
ns.platon.sk GTS Slovakia Bratislava, Slovakia
dns.platon.sk Chemtech Bratislava, Slovakia
ns.platon.org COOL IP! CoreLink Phoenix, Arizona
dns.platon.org GTS Slovakia Kosice, Slovakia


This is how it might looks like
in your domain manager.
In certain cases it could be required to enter not only domain servers, but also corresponding IP addresses.

In favor of stability and availability of your web pages, please enter all 4 entries. Do not skip any. If it is not possible to enter more than two nameservers, fill-in ns.platon.sk and ns.platon.org.

If you need more information or recommendations regarding to DNS servers setting on your domains, please contact us at support@platon.org e-mail address.

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