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IMAP Account Configuration in Microsoft Outlook

section: Support

This is a brief guide to configuring the Microsoft Outlook e-mail client for retrieving mail via IMAP, from mailboxes at Platon Webhosting. As an example, we use the account mailbox@testdomain.sk, but the procedure is applicable for any e-mail account on our servers.

In the upper menu of the Microsoft Outlook application, select Tools -> E-mail Accounts.

A setup wizard to create a new e-mail account will open. Select Add a new e-mail account and click Next to continue.

In the next window, select IMAP for incoming mail.

Click Next to go to basic e-mail account settings.

  • Enter Your Name (name of your organization, etc.) that you want to appear to mail recipients in the first field
  • Enter Your e-mail address set up at Platon Webhosting.
  • In the section Logon Information, insert the Username and Password for the respective e-mail account. You will find the necessary logon information in an e-mail and/or Text Message from Platon Webhosting.
In the right section Server Information, enter for:
  • Incoming mail server: imaps.platon.sk
  • Outgoing mail server: smtps.platon.sk

Click on the button More Settings…

Check the field My SMTP server requires authentication, and leave the box Use same settings as my incoming mail server checked, too.

On the same menu, click on the last item on the taskbar: Advanced. Select SSL-secured connection for both the incoming and outgoing mail servers. Ports need to be changed to the following:

  • Server for incoming mail: 993
  • Server for outgoing mail: 465

Click OK to return to basic settings. Click Next.

To complete the process of configuring your e-mail account, click Finish, and turn Outlook Express off and back on.

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