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Connecting to the MySQL Database

section: Support


Platon Webhosting observers security principles also when communicating with the database. This secure communication is completely transparent and invisible for the client user.

The database is operated on an independent database cluster in order to increase the output. The cluster is secured against access from outside and available only on a virtual private network, the so-called VPN. Thus, your web application will be able to access the data, but a potential attacker will not.

Use the following database server to connect to your web applications at Platon Webhosting:



The name of the  database and user are identical. Their form is PREFIX_SUFFIX, where PREFIX is your customer identifier and SUFFIX can be chosen by you. Therefore all database names, or usernames, begin with the same prefix. A specific feature at Platon Webhosting is a shared user and shared database:

  1. Shared user is in the form of PREFIX only, without the  SUFFIX. It is identical with your customer identifier (CNAME); designated only for database administration via the interface phpMyAdmin, as it has access to all your databases, beginning with the PREFIX. It SHOULD NOT be used for connection to the database from the script, as if the username is compromised, it can be used to access other databases, too.
  2. Shared database is also in the form of PREFIX only, without the SUFFIX. Its name is identical with your customer identifier (CNAME). It is accessible by any user with the name PREFIX_SUFFIX, which means all users who begin with your prefix. The database is designated for sharing data between several projects, often containing numerical data, such as weather information, or central bank’s foreign exchange rates, which can be accessed by several webpages (naturally exclusively yours) hosted by our company.


The community of programmers around the Platon group has developed a way to test the functionality of connection to a database directly on our server. Download the test PHP script on your computer, alter the login parameters so that they are correct and upload the script to your webhosting server. Once the browser reaches the script, you should be able to see information about a successful connection to the database as well as a report from testing of individual database operations.

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