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POP3 Account Configuration in Mozilla Thunderbird E-mail Client

section: Support

This is a brief guide to configuring the Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client for retrieving mail via POP3, from mailboxes at Platon Webhosting. As an example, we use the account mailbox@testdomain.sk, but the procedure is applicable for any e-mail account on our servers.

In the menu application, select Tools -> Account Settings.

In the setup box, click on Add account.

A setup wizard to create a new account will be launched. Select the field E-mail account and go to Next.

In the next window, enter Your name, which you want to appear by default to recipients of your e-mails and Your e-mail address set-up at Platon Webhosting.

Select the POP3 protocol for retrieving mail and enter the server name: pop3s.platon.sk. Click Next.

In the next box, enter the incoming User Name given to you by your e-mail provider (usually the same as your e-mail address).

In the next box, fill in the Account Name (any name, as it only serves you to identify the e-mail account).

You will find a summary of the e-mail account data on the last page. Finish the setup by clicking on Finish.

The application will return to the configuration box. Select Outgoing Server (SMTP) from the bottom of the left section and click Add in the right section.

In the SMTP Outgoing Server Setting menu fill in the following:

  • Description – enter a description of your choice
  • Server Name – enter: smtps.platon.sk
  • Port for outgoing mail - 465
In the bottom section, check the field User Name and Password and fill in the User name for the particular e-mail account. Finally, check the option SSL in the field Use Secure Connection and click OK.

You will again return to the configuration box. On the left menu, find the Account Name that you have just configured and underneath it, click on Server Settings. In the section Security Settings on the right, pick secure connection via SSL. Click OK.

Mozilla Thunderbird will ask you for a password to the e-mail server before you retrieve and send e-mails for the first time. Enter the password to thevrespective e-mail account and check the box Use Password Manager to Remember this password.

The e-mail client has now been configured and is ready for use.

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