Platon Press Reports SK-NIC Registrar's Contract Enhancements

SK-NIC Registrar's Contract Enhancements

The company Platon Technologies, Ltd. is entering the new year of 2008 with signing of an annex to the registrar's contract No. PLAT-0008 with the administrator of the national domain .SK, the company SK-NIC, inc. This annex improves the up-to-now valid registrar's contract with a so-called summary invoice, which the registrar is to receive from the administrator at the end of each month after billing all its domains.

The authorized representative of the company Platon Technologies, Ltd., Ondrej Jombik mentions a number of advantages stemming from signing of the registrar's annex, such as a cut of costs related to processing of a request to prolong a domain registration, making the domain registration process more transparent, as well as lower number of tax documents on both sides. "In the year of 2007 we reported a nearly 150 percent growth in administrated .SK domains, that is why we have started devoting attention to optimization of processes within our company. The summary invoice is one of several improvements which we are to introduce into practice in near future," Mr. Jombik states.

Director of the company SK-NIC, inc., Patrik Krauspe adds: "It is our policy to try to achieve good and correct cooperation with all Slovak registrars, that is why we welcome every opportunity to improve mutual business relations."

This kind of cooperation between the .SK national domain administrator and respective registrars enables not only a more effective communication, but also provides an indirect protection against outages or failures of banking and payment systems.

Platon Webhosting is a project of secure webhosting for customers with high requirements on personal data safety and real security against discrediting their e-mail boxes or web presentation.

Platon Technologies, Ltd. is a young dynamically developing enterprise, whose goal is to bring alternative software solutions based on open technologies into the commercial sphere.

The joint-stock company SK-NIC, inc., is the administrator of the highest-level Internet domain of .SK, allocated to the Slovak Internet. Through its nearly three thousand registrars, it currently administrates 150,000 .SK domains. The company also provides education in the area of domain names and the Internet in general, and supports projects in the interest of the Internet community in the Slovak Republic. SK-NIC, inc. is a member of international organization which unite similar subjects worldwide. (ccNSO, CENTR, and others).