Platon Press Reports New Domain Servers Launched into Operation

New Domain Servers Launched into Operation

In order to increase the quality of its technology and network background, the company Platon Technologies, Ltd., is launching into operation two new DNS servers in different geographical locations. The servers have been in trial operation since the beginning of this year and are now prepared for production.

One of the new servers is located in the town of Kosice, eastern Slovakia. The other server is in Arizona, U.S.A. Both servers are to help administrate websites, applications, as well as Internet services provided by the company within its webhosting platform better and quicker.

“Companies from western Europe, the U.S.A., but also from the east of Slovakia have expanded our client portfolio. We will store domain records on appropriate DNS servers based on this geographical key,” explains Ondrej Jombik, authorized representative of Platon Technologies, Ltd. In addition to the system automatically setting up the optimum variant of domain servers, clients will be able to chose from a wider range of DNS servers in the future.

The company further informs that its technical innovations do not stop here. “In the long run, we are interested in building an identical webhosting platform in America as we operate in Slovakia,” adds Ondrej Jombik.

The company Platon Technologies, Ltd. currently operates four production DNS servers located in data centers in different localities. It has at its disposal also two additional backup DNS servers that may be put into operation and cover for outages or server overloads.

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