Platon Support Information about MySQL Databases

Information about MySQL Databases

Access to MySQL databases can be a part of your webhosting package.

MySQL is an open source relational database management system, frequently used for programming dynamic webpages or other web applications. It is popular among web developers in particular due to its fast performance and ease to use.

For more information about MySQL, go to


Your databases can be created and set up in the Control Center, available at

The management of created MySQL databases is carried out through a secured interface phpMyAdmin at


Databases are operated on an efficient MySQL cluster, comprising several servers. In addition to distributing the load while increasing the output, this arrangement will automatically restart the operation in the case of an outage of a server, while its tasks will be redirected to one of available servers.


You do not have to worry about manually backing up your databases. Overnight backups of MySQL databases are available to you at Platon Webhosting. You can find them in the subdirectory backup/ on our SFTP account.

There you will find complete and consistent backups of all your databases for the last five days. Furthermore, a database backup from the first and fifteenth day of every previous month remains in the subdirectory. You can withdraw these backups via SFTP without the need to manually create them through the phpMyAdmin.