Platon Press Reports The Most Secure Webhosting Service Started

The Most Secure Webhosting Service Started

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Today a new webhosting service built upon the principles of active security has been launched..

Security experts associated with PLATON brand have prepared a webhosting system, which fully satisfies demanding requirements for stability, security and private data protection. All accesses to webhosting services are protected with asymmetric encryption based on SSL. Their configuration is simple and straightforward, while even a common non-technical computer user can handle the task with the help of the following tutorials.

"What motivated us to create this service is the fact that fundamental principles of secure communication have been systematically ignored on the web-hosting market," explains Ondrej Jombik, Platon Group non-profit organization chairman and Platon Webhosting project manager.

The target group for secure webhosting environment are especially companies and organisations with high necessity of personal data safety and serious security against discrediting their e-mail boxes or web presentation.

Platon Webhosting is a mutual project of the non-profit organization Platon Group and company Platon Technologies, Ltd.

Platon Group is Slovak open source software development group. They have been developing, maintaining and documenting several successful open-source software projects.

Platon Technologies, Ltd. is a young dynamically developing enterprise, whose goal is to bring alternative software solutions based upon open technologies into the commercial sphere.