Platon Support How to Register a SK-NIC Domain

How to Register a SK-NIC Domain

The administrator of .SK domains is the company SK-NIC, a.s..

We offer two ways to register an .SK domain: regular and express.

We recommend the regular registration to our clients.

However, if you are a foreign subject without registration in Slovak republic, you must use express registration. It is because SK-NIC domain registration rules are very old, and they were not updated for years, and they do not allow to own domain anyone outside Slovakia.


In regular registration, the owner of the .SK domain is the entity who applies for it through our company. In order to become an owner of an .SK domain, you or the entity that you represent (firm, organization, etc.), need to register in the SK - NIC system.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on the F1 form - User Status Application
  3. Fill in the form and print it out.
    Enter PLAT-0008 in the field Authorized Registrar.
  4. An authorized representative will sign the form and if applicable, stamp it. If a physical entity is applying for the registration, the signature has to be verified by a notary.
  5. If you are a firm or an organization, you will have to provide a copy of the official document with the assigned ICO (company identification number). In the case of a firm, the required document is a record from the Commercial Bulletin. In the case of a civic association, a copy of a document from the Statistics Office is required. The photocopy need not be verified by a notary.
  6. Send the filled in form and attachments to the SK-NIC address:

    SK-NIC, a.s.
    P.O.BOX 49
    840 00  Bratislava 4

Next, fill in the application available on our website. Once the documents are delivered to SK-NIC, we will immediately register the selected domain to your entity.


Express registration means that our firm is the owner of the domain, i.e. the domain is registered to Platon Technologies, s.r.o. Naturally, we guarantee to transfer the domain to the respective owner in the future, if requested. For an express registration, simply fill in our application and in the notes section, enter Express Domain Registration. A domain registered in this way will be operational within several hours from the registration.